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Colour Changing USB Diffuser/Humidifier


Our Reflections Colour Changing USB Diffuser/Humidifier is wonderful. I love using an Aroma Diffuser at home, do you? In fact, I have a few, I also use one in my office and upstairs too, Colour Changing USB Diffuser/Humidifier is wonderful. The Colour Changing USB Aroma Diffuser/Humidifier moves through various different colours, or you can set it to one.

Fill up with water, not past the Maximum line, add 5 drops of your favourite blend or 100% pure Essential oil, pop in the plug and set how long you would like it to run for…

Eden Reflections Colour Changing USB Aroma Diffuser Misting Humidifier.

I have a video on our Social Media showing this in action.

1 in stock


10.5 x 13 x 13cm approximately


Without water this weighs 0.341670kg approximately


Metal & Plastic


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